Club Notes: 30th March 2020

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Championship Matters : Well this week was championship week but the current climate has changed all that. When championship will be , what format and if at all who knows with the current climate?

Pairc Eamon De Paor: Both fields cut and looking great but lock down order of the day. The field is now closed until April 19th as order from Croke Park. This is to include use of all pitches for games, training or walking actives. The gym is closed to all and will remain closed until we have been given clearance. The field had some litter around it for a period and while walking out of town one would notice rubbish thrown into ditches. It won't take much to bring a bag and collect the litter. So the next time you gander for a walk you could bring a bag and the town and its outskirts would look a lot more pleasant.

GAA on TV: No live sport for anyone but TG4 always come to the rescue so watch out for All Ireland Gold ,Cluichí Na Bliana and new Laochra Gael shows.

Deise Draw : The latest from the Deise Draw is that it they are hoping to commence the Deise Draw for the end of June Friday 26th. However we all appreciate the uncertainty at present and of course health is paramount.

Club Notes: 23rd March 2020

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COVID-19: So week one of shutdown has elapsed. Strange when you see that field is getting it's first cutting and the nights will be getting longer and no activity in the field. To any club members that have to self isolate , we hope that when the epidemic ends one can shake hands, talk closely or even give a hug to those. Everyone has to listen to the HSE guildlines. Feel free to use to the field but it has to be with family members. 

Help Needed: If anyone in the community is in need of help during the crisis feel free to post on the Tallow GAA Whats App or Tallow GAA Facebook and we will do our best to help. Anyone older who hasn't access to this should try and contact someone in the club and we will try to resolve it.

Johnny Geary Interview Part 3:

"The Meadowfresh Man"

He ran, he rattled , he pulled , he tackled, he's the meadowfresh man.
America trekking, a session a becking, Kilruane ah feckin!!, he's the meadowfresh man.
The aggro's a batting, Portlaw selector could get a flaking, he's the meadowfresh man.
Natural colour hair fossil, we know it's the bottle, he's the meadowfresh man. 

PRO: Erin's Own in the county final. A much altered Tallow team from the ‘85 final team... 
 J.G.: Yes after relegation in 86 we reached the 87  Intermediate co Final against Erins Own in Walsh Park . Erins Own had Damien Byrne and Chuck O Connor both top intercounty men at the time . We struggled to get the win but did in the end . It was a very different team from the 1984/85 team with a few players retiring and a number leaving the club. 

PRO: Upon promotion we played in four consecutive semi finals. We lost each one to the eventual County champions. Regrets? 
J.G.: I think we probably should have won 2 of those and probably should have won another co title with that team but it wasn’t to be. 
PRO:I remember your later days. The shin guards; the belts! A game in Abbeyside against St Saviors around 96...  You were stretched....
J.G.: Yes unfortunately as we got a bit slower Fada we were getting a bit more prone to picking up injuries so I had a good few in those years . I decided it was time to call it a day soon after that ,I still played a bit of Junior when they needed a few bodies. 
PRO: How competitive was the Tallow team when you retired? 
 J.G.: We were reasonably competitive , probably mid –table but  had fought relegation for a few years to remain in the senior ranks.  

PRO: Did you play much football for the club? 
J.G.: Yes played a lot of football at under age and we won a lot of football titles in those years . We never really concentrated on Football in Tallow It usually provided a break from the hurling but would have had some good players down the years but I think we were a forgotten outpost when it came to selection on inter county underage teams. 
:You have had a go at management. How has it altered from your earliest times to your most recent? 
J.G.: When I finished hurling in the min  90s I got involved with the management end of it with the seniors and was involved for 2 other stints the last being 2016/ 18 . I found it completely different this last time ( probably my age ) I'm not sure is it as enjoyable anymore from players and management point of view and there is now huge commitment involved with a much higher fitness level . Unfortunately the fixtures structure is chaotic – starting training in Jan for possibly one Championship match at the end of March , early April and not playing Championship again till July / Aug. Players train to play matches and the enjoyment of that , not wait in the wings for Inter-county fixtures to finish . I think it is something the GAA need to address or players will find sports with  more structured outings. It is also putting huge financial burdens on Clubs paying trainers etc for this extended period. 
PRO:You had a fairly hairy encounter on the line against Portlaw in 01 in a relegation game. What happened?
J.G.: Ya , lets just say there was a bit of a misunderstanding on the line with a few Portlaw men when things were getting heated both on and off the field. I think we met up a few years later and had a few pints and a good laugh about it. 
PRO: What are you future hopes for Tallow GAA in the coming years both on and off the field? 
J.G.: Tallow was always recognised as a good hurling parish and always has decent hurlers . I hope we can put the structures in place to get the best out of what we have and compete at the best level we are capable of . We are short on numbers but if we can get a few quality players coming through every year  ultimately you would love to see another senior hurling championship come to Tallow . We are amalgamated with Shamrocks at under age as Cois Bhride who are currently doing a lot of work at underage and there is tremendous work also being done by Neil Moore , Tommy Ryan and Tieran Murray at schools level so hopefully the future will be bright. 

PRO: Finally who was the best player you played with and against?
J.G.:  While John McDonnell and Tom McSweeney were very “Sweet hurlers” I think Liam O'Brien was the pick of the bunch I played with when he eventually got going (which could take a belt from the opposition or one of ourselves.)  Pat Ryan of Mount  Sion or Eamon O Shea of Kilruane McDonaghs /Tipp were probably the best I played against. 
  PRO; Your best Tallow 15 that you played with ?   

                                                        Martin Murphy 
Jim O'Donoghue                                  Liam O'Brien                  Kieran Ryan 
Connie Curley                                       Mick Beecher               Timmy Sheehan 
                         John McDonnell                                  John Fitzgerald 
Ray “ Pigeon “ O'Brien                      Philly Curley                    Paul Curley 
Seamus “ Trasher “ Treacy               Pat Murphy                    Pat Daly 

Club Notes: 16th March 2020

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Mairead Sheehan: Sadness struck Tallow GAA circles on Monday night last when we discovered the ultimately death of our treasurer Mairead Sheehan. The one word that I would associate with Mairéad is longevity. She acted as treasurer of the club from the mid nineties on. When the financial side of club became more like a business Maireáds vigilance and astute bookkeeping always had our accounts in order. Her loyalty to Tallow could never be questioned and even in ill health she continued to act as one of the front bench of the club. She was part of the lotto committee and was a Monday night regular for years. Her GAA heritage was always ingrained in her blood and she carried an All Ireland hurling medal as a brooch as a symbol of pride. To the Sheehan family we wish to extend our sympathy on the passing of Maireád . Beannacht Dé lena anam uasal.

Here is the eulogy from her funeral mass as read by Jimmy O'Gorman.

A dark cloud descended over Tallow and the surrounding area on Tuesday morning last when the news broke that one of it's most highly respected residents Mairead Sheehan had unexpectantly passed to her eternal reward. We all know that we are saying our final goodbye to a devoted family person, a great friend and neighbour and an outstanding servant to the community.

Mairead was born in Convent Street in 1947 into a family of eight to Billy & Eily Sheehan, her brothers Sean, David, Billy, Noel, Pat and Tim and her younger sister Bernadette. Unfortunately the passing of her eldest brother Sean, younger sister Bernadette and dear friend and sister in law Nell affected her deeply. She always spoke of them with fond memories, no doubt they are now once again reunited.

Throughout her lifetime, Mairead remained what she always was, a Tallow person through and through, a woman so very proud of where she came from, a woman who in a whole variety of ways, did everything she could do to further and promote her home place. Never was that more manifested than through her involvement with the GAA club, which stretches over a number of decades and which has now only ended through that final call from the man above.

Almost from her infant years, the spark of genius that would subsequently manifest itself in both work and sport was there for all to see.
On finishing her education at national and secondary level, Mairead took up employment in Dublin, firstly working in Arnotts before joining the civil service. Of the many projects she was involved in, in this sphere, Glenveigh National Park in Donegal was her pride and joy and also the developments of Kilkenny and Cahir Castles and their surrounds to name but two.

During those years in Dublin, Mairead was a proud member of the Waterford Association and was the first secretary of that branch. Many locals who ventured to Dublin during that period for matches in Croke Park, when money was not as flahul as today, were glad to have a roof over their heads in Mairead's flat for the night before and after the games. It wasn't unusual to have 20 people sleeping on the floor as first back from the pub got the couches but were damn glad of the cover for the night!!

Her nephew Conor is presently secretary of the Waterford Association in Dublin and so continues the family link.

Whilst in Dublin, Mairead was also a playing member of Terenure Tennis Club and on the social side of things, the table tennis club. Her other hobbies included Camoige, which she played in her younger days and Mairead also loved swimming and quizzes. There was hardly a weekend went by during the working year when Mairead would return home on a Friday evening to return to Dublin late Sunday evening, the car invariably full with locals returning to the capital when transport was at a minimum.

It's almost 30 years ago as Mairead's mam got on in years, she decided to return home. She transferred from Dublin to the CSO Office in Cork and around that time, took up officer ship in Tallow GAA. Mairead was an outstanding treasurer and would literally mind mice at the crossroad where money was concerned, she was extremely prudent and realised how difficult it was to finance the many activities of the year. We have a Sean Ochal which goes: Ní Bheidh a leitheid an aris, which is certainly true to Mairead as treasurer of Tallow GAA Club.

Being a true community person, Mairead's activities weren't just confined to GAA. She was a tireless worker on behalf of many, a staunch worker with St Vincent de Paul, her work carried out with the greatest privacy and dignity, loved the community centre and all it entailed, drama and pantomime and never missed the Ballyduff Drama Festival, which is currently running and no doubt Mairead would have been present at all this week's performances. Mairead was also treasurer of the local Credit Union for many years and involved in the local active retired ladies Social Group.

One of Mairead's most treasured possessions was her father's Waterford Junior Hurling All Ireland winning medal of 1934. A special medal was commissioned that year being the 50th anniversary of the founding of the GAA and boy did she wear that medal with pride all her life.

In every parish there is no doubt a person like Mairead Sheehan who contributes to an active and vibrant community, always positive in her approach to the many facets of her busy life.

The people of Tallow will be all the poorer for Mairead's passing but the richer for having known her and worked alongside her in the community.

I conclude this tribute with a heavy heart having known the Sheehan family for over 6 decades and spent many a happy hours company of Mairead's late father Bill and Uncle Pa at several club games analysing the standards and listening to the stories of some of the characters playing our treasured games on the banks in Lismore, Cappoquin and Fraher Field. Stories and memories I will treasure for years to come.

The Sheehan family would like to sincerely thank all those who attended and sympathised with them during recent days especially those who travelled long distances to do so in support of Mairead.

So Mairead, you have prepared your final treasurer's report and you did so. as you always did, in a professional and dignified manner. You leave behind a legacy that all of us would be proud of, a legacy that will stand the test of time. May the rich soil of the town you loved so well rest gently on you. Slan leat ma soar chara agus go niri an bothar leat. Ar dheis de go raibh a anam deilis…...

Tallow GAA wish to sincerely thank Jimmy O'Gorman for the lovely words above and for encapsulating in his words the sentiments of everyone from Tallow GAA who worked alongside Mairead.

Pandemic : The Corona Virus has struck a fear into the country and an air of uncertainty have developed in the landscape .
The GAA are imposing a blanket ban on all GAA activity .This means no games, trainings,meetings , collective gym sessions.until at least March 29th. Tallow GAA will be adhering with this and no activity will take place from now until the blanket ban is lifted.

An té nach bhfuil láidir, ní foláir dó bheith glic.

We also got this from Alan Milton from the GAA .

A chairde, 

Can you ensure the note below is circulated to all of your County Team Managers and players and passed on to Club Secretaries to be shared with their Club Managers and players too. 

Le meas, 


A chara, 

The GAA's Medical, Scientific and Welfare Committee, the Gaelic Player's Association and the Gaelic Athletic Medical Association (the representative body for Team Doctors) wish to stress the crucial importance of all players and team personnel adhering strictly to HSE guidelines in relation to social distancing and other aspects of the current Covid 19 pandemic. 

In practical terms, this means the following: 
  •  Players should not congregate, even in small numbers, for training sessions. 
  • Indoor shared Gym facilities are to be avoided, as such environments pose considerable limitations on a users ability to adhere to both 'Social Distancing' and contact transmission guidelines advised by the HSE. 
Team managers, backroom personnel and players at all levels have not only a duty of care to each other but also to the wider community around them at this time.

It is expected therefore that County and Club teams across the country will adhere to both the letter and spirit of what has been asked of them at this challenging time. 

Le meas, 

Dick Clerkin (Chairman, GAA Medical Sceintific and Welfare Committee)
Paul Flynn (CEO, Gaelic Player's Association)
Dr Sean Moffatt (Chairman, G.A.M.A)

Tallow GAA Lotto Supported by Kearney's Restaurant.

As pubs in Tallow have decided to close their doors at the weekend Tallow GAA have decided to postpone this weeks lotto. All existing books of tickets will stay with our sellers and we will carry out the draw at the next available date.
We would like to thank you all for your continued support and hope you understand our decision.

I was going to write a piece about fixtures and leadership from the GAA following on from last Thursday's announcement but truth be told it matters little when one looks at the big picture. I hope citizens looks out for each other in the correct medical advised manner and that we as a nation can surmount the big challenge that lies ahead. Be kind, be practical and be safe and we hopefully with the help of God can pull through this.
Robert Zimmerman wrote

'Twas in another lifetime, one of toil and blood
When blackness was a virtue the road was full of mud
I came in from the wilderness, a creature void of form
Come in, she said
I'll give ya shelter from the storm.

Let's hope that the shelter arrives.

Club Notes: 9th March 2020

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Senior Hurling League : Ballysaggert 0-15  Tallow 1-9 . Leading 1-7 to 3 points at half time and with fourteenth players for the last ten minutes, Tallow came unstuck in a rain lashed Ballysaggart. The second half Ballysaggart got control of the game and we had little answer to their play. We play Abbeyside Friday night in Abbeyside at 7.30pm

Tallow Tostal :The tostal committee are looking for volunteers for their June bank holiday event . Anyone willing to get involved should contact John Pratt, 

Pairc Eamon De Paor : Ned Power tournament continues this Friday at 6.30pm.

Deise Draw : Hoping to have to the new books out to promoters in the next few weeks. Anyone new looking to purchase tickets should contact David O'Brien.

Tallow GAA Lotto Supported by Kearney's Restaurant.
9/3/2020 Jackpot €12,400 No Winner Numbers: 2,11,12,22.
Consolation Prizes: Mary Cashman, Eamonn Forbes, Rose Mackey, Jamie Lyons. 
Promoter: Kearney's.
Next Draw : 9/3/2020  Teds 9pm Jackpot : €12,600.

Is buachaill é. Congratulations to Mark and Lisa O'Brien on the birth. of baby Senan last week.  

Club Notes: 2nd March 2020

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Senior Hurling League : We open our campaign against Ballysaggert this Sunday at 11.30am in Ballysaggert.

Where's the Logic? Championship weekend, a weekend of great excitement for both player and supporter but how about this for a predicament ! The county board in their deranged wisdom have decided to play junior hurling and senior hurling championship on the same day. Now look at the logistics of this. Clubs would need two sets of jerseys for the same day. They expect supporters to go to two games in different venues. Now not all clubs have a volume of players, so there is in all likelihood at least some of the junior players being close to starting senior who will have to tog out for two games and could if required be involved in both. Where is player welfare here ?  You also have management of both, hurley and water carriers and medical officers having to attend both and not having full concentration on their sole focus which should be one game. We have a paid secretary in this county and  the broader thinking should be on the club player rather  than the county man. They too added the cost of buying bibs for the sideline now which must be numbered. These were handed out to teams on previous occasions so what has happened to these?

Pairc Eamon De Paor : U14 football Cois Bhride v Kilrossanty 11.30 am Sunday .  Ned Power Tournament is on again this Friday in the astro turf on Friday at 6.30pm.

Deise Draw : The tickets will be handed out to promoters over the next week or so. A six month draw with a chance to win €12,500 each month as well as other prizes . It's €15 a month or €90 for the year. A vital fundraiser for the club with €10.50 retained by the club and remainder going to the running of the Waterford county teams. We had a jackpot winner last year in Maura Bermingham . 

Tallow GAA Lotto Supported by Kearney's Restaurant.
2/3/2020 Jackpot €12,200 No Winner Numbers: 1,11,15,26. 
Consolation Prizes: Melissa Murphy, Mike Condon, Claire Murphy, Christina McCarthy. 
Promoter: Daybreak 
Next Draw : 9/3/2020  Lukies 9pm Jackpot : €12,600.

Johnny Geary Interview Part 2:
PRO: The Tallow team of that time was made up of four  prominent underage age groups. Late sixties ,early seventies, mid seventies and your group the early eighties. They gelled together well?
J.G.: Its debatable if they gelled  WELL together but they gelled OK . 4 players came from the 83 u 21 winning side on to the senior the following year , Jim O Donoghue , Philly Curley , Pat Murphy and myself . Philly always told the older lads on the team that we gave them legs and the bit of speed they were lacking ( something they never really agreed with us on ) but we did go on to win 2 seniors in 84 and 85 so I presume what Philly said held a lot of truth. 
PRO:You played on the two in a row team of 84 and 85 . Was it difficult to break on to that team?
J.G.: Yes it was difficult Ok . They had a lot of very good hurlers at that time , all who would have played county at under-age and a number who were on the county senior panel . You had the likes of Liam O'Brien , John McDonnell , the Curley  and  Ryan brothers , Pat Daly , Mick Beecher , Timmy Sheehan all good players so it was wasn’t easy to break on to the team and it was very competitive for places .  
PRO: A lot of Tallow men gained intercounty experience for Waterford at this time, including yourself. What do you remember of that ? 
 J.G.:yes I think all of our senior team at that time would have played intercounty at some level at under age . I remember playing U -21 against Cork in 82 and we had  6 from Tallow on the team including Con Ryan, Mick Beecher , John Fitzgerald , Philly Curley, Pat Murphy and myself .  We would have had Liam O Brien, Eddie Curley , Connie Curley , Mick Beecher , Timmy Sheehan , Pat Daly , Pat Murphy , Kieran Ryan , Philly Curley who all played Co senior at some stage . My Intercounty career was pretty short – the highlight being a defeat by Roscommon in Roscommon in a League game  –I think it made Front Page news on The Roscommon Herald the following week .. 

PRO: The centenary final, the new jerseys and the rain....  Losing to Ballyduff by eight points at half time!  Continue...
J.G.: In the Centenary Final in 84 we played Portlaw and had a new set of Centenary Jerseys for the occasion. . It was played in Fraher Field . The forecast was for heavy showers on the day so when we togged out we went out for our warm up while it was still dry . When we completed the warm up and were back in the comfort of the dressing room, there was a cloud burst and Portlaw had just gone for  pre-game warm-up and they got absolutely drenched .We had 2-3 on the scoreboard in the first 8 minutes . I always thought that heavy rain had a huge bearing on the final result.. The following year we played near neighbours Ballyduff in an All Western final in Fraher Field . Ballyduff totally outplayed us in the first half leading by 8 points at half-time . A few switches at half-time and an early goal in the second half brought us back into the game and we went on  to snatch victory at the end. There was a huge rivalry with Ballyduff in the 80 s where they won 2 county titles and we won 3 in the decade but also huge respect that I think is still there to this day. 
PRO: The team was at the peak of it's powers in 85 I would think. You played Roanmore in a county semi final, Tallow scored 4-16 with 4-14 coming from play. The ultimate performance?
J.G.: Yes that performance was probably the best from that team and there was nothing in it in the end. Roanmore were the emerging force in hurling in Waterford going on to win 2 co titles in the late  80's.  
PRO: The eighties was a bleak period for the country. Mass emigration and unemployment! You and fellow Tallow hurlers spent times in the states..
J.G.: Yes Unfortunately there was very little work in Ireland in the late eighties so it meant a lot of young men and women had to emigrate to find work . Through the connection with Micky Pendergast in New York it was the choice of most Tallow people to head there and The UK . Micky was a great Ambassador for Tallow and Waterford in New York and did a huge amount of work for emigrants in setting them up in accommodation and jobs on arrival . At one stage there were 18 people from Tallow in the one Apartment Block which was christened: “ The Tallow Towers “ . A lot of us played for Waterford in Gaelic Park in those times.  
PRO: Kilruane MacDonaghs in Tallow! Full House!. Munster club championship in our home venue! Lost by a point! They won the All Ireland..... 
J.G.: I think it was one of the highlights of Tallow GAA over the years –playing in front of 3000 people in a Munster Club Championship at our home venue . It was a cracker of a game that could have gone either way , unfortunately we were beaten by a point by the eventual All Ireland Club Champions 
PRO: How much of an affect did that loss have on the 86 season? 
J.G.:  I don’t think it really affected the following year . We were going for 3 in a row and were probably a bit complacement and didn’t prepare properly for the earlier rounds .  There was a new Championship format that year which was now run on a league basis .We lost a few of the earlier rounds and all of a sudden we were in a situation where we couldn’t qualify for the next stage so we were out of the Championship and in a relegation battle which we lost and were relegated to Intermediate .  
PRO:We beat Fourmilewater in the 87 western intermediate final. The cup was named after Raymond O'Brien... 
J.G.:Yes Raymond O Brien was an a great hurler who unfortunately died tragically at the age of 22 . He had just began to establish a place on the Waterford Senior team and had huge potential . It was great and fitting to win his Memorial Cup in 87. 

Club Notes: 24th February 2020

posted Feb 28, 2020, 7:12 PM by Mark Baldwin

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Pairc Eamon De Paor: The annual Ned Power tournament is on this Friday at the field at 6.30.

Tallow GAA Lotto Supported by Kearney's Restaurant.
24/2/2010 Jackpot €12,200 No Winner Numbers: 12,19,26,27
Consolation Prizes: John Lyons, Mike Maher, Aisling Cusack, Joanne Sheehan.
Promoter: Fiona Crowley.
Next Draw : 2/3/2020 Corner House 9pm Jackpot : 12,400

Bon Voyage to two our players this week in which Kieran Fraser and Martin Murphy both emigrated to Australia . Both have spent countless hours in the gym over the last few months in what we thought was preparation for this years championship but it turns out to be getting the perfect beach body for Oz. We hope they have a safe and peaceful times on their travels and return to these shores soon.

The Rules: there is plenty of debate recently in the subject of officiating in hurling. Referees are getting a lot of flack over over fussy decisions. I actually won't blame them, I'd blame the referee's assessors. They seem hellbent on stopping free flowing hurling and pulling up every technicality. Little taps from a hurley shouldn't mean a free and if they are going to maintain that and on referees who blow on swinging hurleys that are going for the ball they will make it a non physical sport.

Waterford had a fine win at the weekend. If they qualify for the later stages of the league they is a fair chance that one of our championship game could be changed but why not put it on the following week. The county management team will have an extra week anyway if Waterford progress so if they have that give the club teams a week that they weren't getting. A notice on such an event could be put into action as we speak.

Club Notes: 17th February 2020

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Pairc Eamon De Paor:
Fixture Cois Bhríde v Brickey Rangers Minor Football 11.30 am Sunday 23rd February.

Storm Dennis : The minor football fixture for last Sunday was called off. The Waterford league game was called off on two occasions. Would it be radical for the GAA to build a 25,000 or so stadium in the midlands with a 4G pitch catering for the bad weather? If a storm was coming or heavy rainfall give counties advance warning and baring bad wind play matches in such a venue.
Club fixtures now are commencing at an earlier end of March start point. With the winter and early spring weather varying at many times to unplayable pitches , these earlier starts rather than the norm April and May mean that a lot of club need to find alternative venues to train and play games. Hardly an ideal situation!!

Tallow GAA Lotto Supported by Kearney's Restaurant.
17/2/2010 Jackpot €12,000 No Winner Numbers: 5,24,25,27.
Consolation Prizes: Deirdre Donnelly, James Power, Angela Doyle, Fran Mangan
Promoter: Mary Murphy
Next Draw : 24/2/2020 Clancy's 9pm Jackpot : 12/2/2020

Car Park: The car park got new lines painted last week and it adds a nice touch to it.

Johnny Geary Interview Part 1:
This week I posted a few questions to Johnny Geary on his involvement in Tallow GAA. Johnny won numerous underage titles and two senior hurling titles. He has acted as senior hurling manager and selector as well as being involved in various underage teams . He was Cois Bhride chairman and vice chairman of Tallow GAA.

PRO: You grew up in a time just as Tallow were bearing fruit in our underage structures?
J.G Yes I was lucky enough to be around for the 80's which was a great decade for Tallow GAA where we would have won almost every grade at hurling including Minor , U 21, Junior , Intermediate and Senior titles . We also won a good number of Football titles having a senior football team also for a few years. When Ned Power became Principal in Tallow National School it became a wonderful academy for hurling and I think the 80's titles won were the fruits of the structures and coaching he brought to the club.

PRO: Do you remember any of adult county finals of the seventies?
J.G.: Yes I remember the Intermediate title won in the 70's and we contested a senior county final - a young Tallow team were beaten by Portlaw . Four years later that team won a senior Co Title in 1980, beating Dunhill.

PRO: How much of an influence was Ned Power on your hurling career?

J.G. Ned had a huge influence on myself and all lads that he taught for the 60 s, 70 s and 80 s . We were fortunate enough to have him in Tallow and he was a tremendous Hurling Man and coach, probably ahead of his time . He was one of the founders of the Gormanstown College Hurling Summer Schools which were the first real structured coaching courses held by the GAA . Ned had coaching and games after school in Tallow every Tues and Thurs and although it wasn’t compulsory to attend, let’s just say he could make things very difficult for you if you didn’t (especially at school the following day). It was hugely enjoyable as he was a real skills coach . Pat Daly often mentioned that a lot of the current Croke Park coaching manual was the work of Ned Power.

PRO: You played on the minor team of 1980 that won the title. A unique double for the club after just winning our first senior hurling title on the field of play a week before. A year later a player from each team had passed on....
J.G.: Yes it was a unique double , I d say the momentum from winning the Senior the previous Sun carried us over the line the following week in the minor . Unfortunately we lost Raymond O Brien and Billy Henley the following year both under tragic circumstances. Two young men in their prime from 2 families steeped in Tallow GAA , It was a very sad time for the people of the Parish and they were a huge loss to their families and to the club.

PRO: You played Junior hurling. We got a bad beating off Roanmore in the 81 Junior final but we beat Tramore after a replay the following year....
J.G.: Yes we had a lot of young talent in the club at that time having won minor in 1980 and had a lot of success in the u 21 grade . We were badly beaten by Roanmore in a county final –they were a good side that went on to win 2 senior titles in the late 80 s . The following year we won the title with a good mixture of young and not so young players . Ned Power played in goals with us at the age of 51 . We beat Ballduff Lower in the semi-final who also had a 50 something Tom Cheasty – both All Ireland Medal winners with Waterford in 1959. Ned used also say to us that he never actually retired –he just wasn’t picked anymore.

PRO: Roanmore were the coming force in the county at the time . You drew with them in an U21 county final. Your father and Seán O'Donoghue were involved in an altercation with a referee. It was quoted in the paper as a tall thin man and a small man in wellingtons. What happened here?
J.G.: Ya we drew with Roanmore in 83 and went on to on to win the replay the following week. At the drawing game my father and Sean O Donoghue weren’t agreeing with some of the refereeing decisions on the day and were letting the referee know in no uncertain terms. The referee went to book the 2 of them and they wouldn’t give their names so the refeuyyrees report stated ,he was abused by a tall, thin grey haired man and a small man with wellingtons . We all knew who was involved but no one ever disclosed to the Co Board who they were. Club said we had no one fitting those descriptions. We got good mileage out of that one, and still do.

PRO: In the replay Roanmore had Kieran Delahunty and McGrath back (two of their stars) yet we beat them..
J.G.: Roanmore had a lot of their future senior stars on that u 21 side ; Noelie Crowley , Kieran Delahunty , The Coadys , Eddie Roche so we weren’t expected to win . They had the lads back for the replay so we were rank outsiders but managed the win .Jim O Donoghue , Philly Curley , Pat Murphy and John Fitzgerald had huge games for us on the day.

PRO: We had three adult hurling teams in the eighties...
J.G.: Yes we had a lot of adult hurlers at the time- After winning the Junior in 82 we went in to 83 with a senior , intermediate and junior team . Actually that year the Intermediate and Senior Championship first rounds were combined so our Senior and Intermediate teams could have been playing each other in the first round if drawn, fortunately that didn’t happen . We fielded a junior team also that year – I think there were a lot of fellows togged out to make that bit of history . The team sheet listed some guest hurlers like Dick O Mahony , Colman O Flynn ( Chuck ) and Milo Aherne to name but a few. I think Milo announced his hurling retirement on being replaced by R O Mahony . in one of their games.

Club Notes: 10th February 2020

posted Feb 10, 2020, 5:27 PM by Mark Baldwin

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Pairc Eamon De Paor Sign: The sign has been missing from the square for some time and after a period of over a year and a half or so the sign is back up on the post. We'd like to thank John Pratt for getting the new sign erected.

Tallow GAA would like to pass on our condolences to John O'Meara on the passing of his father Colum. John has had a long association with our club and has acted as our physio for long period.Go dtuga Dia suaimhneas sioraí dó.

Tallow GAA Lotto Supported by Kearney's Restaurant.
10/2/2010 Jackpot €11,800 No Winner Numbers: 1,6,15,24.
Consolation Prizes: Brendan Hartigan, Kathleen Delaney, Eileen O'Grady, Mary McCarthy (Willowbrook).
Promoter: Bubbles
Next Draw : 17/2/2020 Ted 9pm Jackpot : €12,000

Yearly tickets are still available for all those who would like to purchase.

Birthday Greetings:To Donnchadh Mulcahy who celebrates his thirtieth this weekend. 

Juvenile Equipment: Anyone looking to purchase helmets and hurleys for any youngster in their family should contact Donna Buckley who has an array of hurleys and helmets.

Scoil Mhuire : Best of luck to the boys school football team who participate in the county final this Wednesday.

Trip North : Going back to 1996 when a contingent of u16 hurlers lead by Seánie Sheehan, Colin Cunningham, Finn McCarthy, Tom Doyle, Rachael Ryan and Johnny Geary travelled to the Ulster province and to the Tyrone club Naomh Colum Cille, Tallow has always had a good relationship with the Tyrone hurling club. We were last there in 2006 for the official opening of their field by then president Nickey Brennnan. The same occasion was sandwiched between our senior relegation game and replay against Ballyduff Lower. So Liam Mulcahy the President of Naomh Colum Cille ( surely a lifer in East Tyrone) is looking at getting a collection of junior hurlers to travel to the North . The approx cost will depend of numbers but it will be between €150 and €200. Price will include bus, accommodation, and a meal on arrival. We are looking for €50 of a deposit by the weekend. Contact Liam or Terence if interested.

Páirc Éamon de Paor : Minor football Cois Bhríde v Kilrossanty Sunday at 11.30am (weather permitting).

Get well soon to both Maireád Sheehan and Seán Tobin who are both in hospital at the minute.

Club Notes: 3rd February 2020

posted Feb 3, 2020, 6:21 PM by Mark Baldwin   [ updated Feb 3, 2020, 6:23 PM ]

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This week I asked William Murphy about some of his favourite Tallow games that he remembers. William I remember started his career in the full forward line and took the frees. I stylish markman off his right his left was used in emergencies only. He moved out the field as he got older to play to play centre field and as a roving wing forward. In his only adult title for Tallow he won a Junior Football county title in 2010 as a wing back who's jaunting runs were his trademark. Here's his account.

At the risk of sounding like an ex Inter County bainisteoir, Charles Dickens started A Tale of Two Cities with “It was the best of times, it was the worst of times”, this is what came to mind when I was asked to write about a couple of my favourite games. I find myself fortunate enough to witness the best of times with Tallow GAA but unfortunately for myself I played through some of the worst of times.

“What’s the best game you ever saw” is a question which inevitably always comes up on a night out with the boys. Most will shoot back with the obvious answers of Waterford versus Cork in the 04 Munster final or when the drought had ended in 2002 against Tipp. Mine is slightly different, the best game I ever saw was the Munster Club Championship game between Tallow and Tipps’ Kilruane MacDonaghs in 1985. A strange game to pick seeing that Tallow would end up losing an epic battle by 1 point. The Guardian reported: “It was a quality game throughout, but the tension and excitement heightened to almost unbearable levels in the last eighteen minutes when both sides raised their game to a spectacular level of skill and determination that is not often witnessed”. It probably gets the nod for several reasons, 1) The game was on in Tallow which was huge and the excitement leading up to the game and on the day was electric, 2) I grew up watching great Tallow teams in the 80s absolutely dominate the County scene. Tallow were to Waterford hurling what Liverpool were to English football, luckily for me I supported both, a great time to be alive!!!! 3)These were different times for instance The Sunday game was still only showing All Ireland finals and maybe semi-finals live every year unlike today where there is probably an over saturation of games being shown live on TV which meant that people got their fix of hurling by flocking to club games and on that day in Tallow the crowd was massive. Looking back, I think that was the pinnacle for the Tallow teams in the 80s and a case of what might have been, Kilruane would go on to be crowned All Ireland champions in 1986, Tallow would be relegated from Senior the same year, “A Tale of Two Cities” indeed. As a side note Kiruane were managed by Len Gaynor and well renowned and much heralded Tipperary hurling coach Eamonn O’Shea was part of the team that day.

The most memorable Football game I was involved with was our victory in the Munster Football championship game we played against Kilfenora of Clare. I could have picked winning the final against Mt Sion but the memory of in some way reliving that infamous day in Tallow in 1985 will stay with me for a long time, like 1985 the game was on in Tallow which was special and there was a great buzz around the Town after the game.

As I have stated I played hurling in Tallow through some of the worst of times. I started playing Senior in the mid-90s where it was all too common to end up fighting relegation so the most memorable game for me is a fairly obscure one, it was a championship game against St Saviours in Abbeyside circa 94/95 for the following reasons, it was the only hurling championship game that I would get to play with my 3 brothers for Tallow, you will find records of one of us playing, sometimes 2 maybe even 3 of us but this is the only one where all 4 Murphy brothers lined up together. It was even sweeter that we lined up in pivotal positions on the team with Martin in goals, the Legend at Full back (not sure how this happened), Spud was at Centre forward and I was full forward. As I have mentioned the team of the 80s were absolute Rock Stars all be it Rock Stars that wore white socks with black slip on shoes with the jeans turned up at the leg but Rock Stars none the less. I mean Tom McSweeney wore a head band while playing in the 80s, how much more Rock and Roll can you get!! Terence would later sneak out the headband and try to channel his inner father, but it didn’t work, the headband looked ridiculous over the blue Coopers helmet he wore! On this day and for a few years after I got to play with and be coached by some of those Hurling Gods, lads like Timmy Sheehan, Johnny Geary, Jacker Curley, the Legend, lads who had won every club accolade from underage to Senior and could have been forgiven for taking their haul of medals and retiring to the high stool. These lads knew the clubs Glory days were over but realised how much the club was in trouble from a playing perspective and decided to play on. More often than not they were the reason Tallow stayed in the Senior Ranks throughout this period. For the record we won the game.

Tallow GAA Lotto Supported by Kearney's Restaurant.
3/2/2020 Jackpot €11,600 No Winner Numbers: 9,11,13,21.
Consolation Prizes: John Paul Delaney, Seán and Josh Mangan, John Buckley, Maryann Daly.
Promoter: Gretta Power.
Next Draw:Lukies 10/2/2020. 9.30pm.
Yearly tickets are now available to purchase at €100 or standard tickets at €2 each from promoters or businesses around town.

Membership : Is €50 for student and non player. €60 for student or non player and partner.
€80 for player and €90 for players and partner.

The Black Card: Soundbites going around about the possibility of it being introduced to hurling. I listened to Brian Carroll on the radio and Brian himself an intercounty ex forward and he fundimentley stated that he would not like to see it introduced. He stated that nobody is giving out about the game. They need yo leave it alone.

Club Notes: 27th January 2020

posted Jan 29, 2020, 4:46 PM by Mark Baldwin

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Senior Hurling : The senior hurling draw has been made and we are in a group with Dungarvan, Lismore and Mount Sion. The first game is fixed for the weekend of 29th March against Dungarvan and the following week we play Lismore. We have received no times or venues as of yet..

Tallow GAA Lotto Supported by Kearney's Restaurant.
27/1/2020 Jackpot €11,400 No Winner Numbers:8,13 ,20,23
Consolation Prizes: Larry McGrath, John Forbes, Anna Stewart, Leanne Sheehan.
Promoter: Jerry Crowley.
Next Draw : 3/2/2020 Corner House 9pm Jackpot : €11,600

Yearly tickets are now available to purchase at €100 or standard tickets at €2 each from promoters or businesses around town.

League Matters:
Waterford under the tutelage of Liam Cahill came from behind to defeat Cork in impressive fashion. The Dubs and Kerry locked horns in a battle royal that shows that both look already to be ahead of rest in quest for All Ireland Glory at the end of the year.

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