Club Notes: 16th November 2020

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Notaí CLG Tulach an Iarainn sponsored by Goalpost Ireland Tallow.

Online Lotto: From this Tuesday on anyone who does not have access to purchase a ticket in the standard sense will have the availability to buy Tallow GAA lotto tickets online through the link Tallow GAA online. This draw for for the 23rd of November. All instructions are on the site,

Tallow GAA Lotto Supported by Kearney's Restaurant.
19/10/2020 Jackpot €15,100 No Winner Numbers:2,9,19,22
Consolation Prizes: Jackie O'Sullivan, Denise Sheehan, James Whelan, Christina McCarthy
Promoter: Mary Murphy
Next Draw : 23/11/2020 Clubhouse 9pm Jackpot : €15,200.

Munster Final : Waterford battled gamely against a powerful Limerick team , Tadhg De Burca was like an orchestra conductor such was his role in nearly all good play from Waterford. Liam Cahill has brought this team forward and credit must go to how they are playing , to win a Quarter final would be huge boast to this group of players.

Part Two of Kieran Ryan Interview:
Did you win a college hurling title with De La Salle College Waterford?
Yes. Pat Daly and myself played on a muster under 15 winning team in Lismore vs St.Finbars Farrenferis. The score line was De La Salle 7:6 and St. Finbars was 5:6. A good friend of mine to this day Pat Flynn, the well known Waterford horse trainer scored 3 goals that day. Great memories.

You played on an under 21 hurling final in 1974 at 17 years old? Was it daunting?
No I never found it daunting, it was very exciting to be chosen to play at such a young age. I found it thrilling to be picked to play on that team with so many other talented players. It was a privilege to play with players such as Pat Mcgragth, John Galvin, Tom Casey, Liam O’Brian and my good friend who is also living here in London, Willie Ryan. I'd like to thank the selectors at the time who had great faith in me at that age as I was 16 in the Munster final and 17 in the All Ireland.

How much did the two Munster Final loses have an effect on you as a player?
Through no one's fault, looking back now I believe that we were under prepared going into both games. We had good enough players but came up against a very good Cork team who went on to win All Irelands. To answer your question, I was gutted and disappointed on both occasions and to be honest it did have an effect on my intercounty career.

You had brothers that hurled for Tallow, was there any game that you all played together?
Unfortunately I can't remember a game where we all played together, but I did play with my brother Frankie and Con which was very special for the family. My brother Aidan later went on to play with Frankie and Con but unfortunately I was not around at that time.

Centenary year you led Tallow to a county title success, Was it a great honour for you?
Yes indeed, definitely one of the proudest moments in the height of my career. I was fortunate enough to lead out a great team who played exceptionally well on the day and it was a great victory.

You spent time in America and England was it hard to keep yourself fit as a result?
Yes, I was fortunate or unfortunate to be in those places. The training wasnt as intense. But I was lucky to have had success in both countries. I met some great people, many of whom are still my friends to this day.

Picture is Kieran Ryan receiving the county senior hurling cup in 1984.

Club Notes: 9th November 2020

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Deise Super Draw: We would like to congratulate Jackie O'Sullivan who won €100 in the Deise Draw last week.

Weekend Action: As the rain poured from the heavens in Pairc Uí Chaoimh the monsoon would nearly bring tears to ones eyes such was the septic fare on offer to the viewers. Kerry playing a defensive game against Cork who played a carbon copy and with lateral hand pass after lateral hand pass and free after free it would hardly endure you to keep watching. The spectacle of football will have to change it that is what is turned out very week.

We have a Munster Final to look forward to on Sunday as the Deise men take on the might of Limerick. It's our first Munster final in four years and we haven't won it since 2010. We wish the team the best of luck.

Retro Jersey: For those of you who ordered them. We are looking at a three or four week production and delivery date. I would notify the informed parties when they arrive.

Combhrón: CLG Tulach an Iarainn will like to pass on our condolences to the Mahoney's of Tallow Hill on the passing of Peggy Kennefick .

Tallow GAA Lotto Supported by Kearney's Restaurant.
9/11/2020 Jackpot €14,900 No Winner Numbers: 13,16,22,25
Consolation Prizes: Eamonn Forbes, Liz Barry, Kaye Murray, Anne Tobin
Promoter: Paddy Joe Sheehan

Next Draw 16/11/20 9pm Venue Out doors Jackpot €15.100

Club Notes: 2nd November 2020

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Notaí CLG Tulach an Iarainn sponsored by Goalpost Ireland Tallow.

Online Lotto: I incorrectly stated that it would be up and running this week but it is a few weeks off yet and I will inform people when it is up and running and when to purchase. I yearly ticket is also available for all of those who wish to purchase at €100 euro for the year.

Kieran Ryan:

Kieran burst onto the scene as a seventeen year old in 1974 playing in a U21 All Ireland Hurling Final and won a Intermediate hurling title for Tallow. he formed a great partnership with John McDonnell in midfield for many a campaign. He played in the two massacres that were the Munster Finals or 82 and 83 but surely his proudest moment was captaining Tallow in the centenary final of 1984. Work took him to England in the late eighties were he currently resides. I did an interview with Kieran Ryan a few months back and here is a sample of it.

Would you remember the first Tallow game you played at adult level and the last one you played?
Yes I can vaguely remember my first adult game, it was a junior hurling game. I can't remember the opposition. But it was a big occasion to be playing in a tallow senior jersey. That year Pat Daly and myself were promoted and I believe we were playing at 16 years of age. The junior championship was a tough grade to be in at that time but we were fortunate that we had good people around us like John Mcdonnald, Billy Henley, John Henley, Tom Mulcahy and Rodger Ryan. My last game for Tallow was unique, in the sense that I had come back from London at my own expense and had been determined to play one more game for tallow. I played against Port law in Dungarvan. I thought I was able to still handle the intensity of it but I'm afraid I was well short of match fitness, which I was very disappointed in myself.

How was Tallow training different from the beginning to the end of your career?
At the beginning of my career all my training was done through Ned Power, who taught us all the basic skills and drilled the Tallow spirit into us. Later we had a guy called Brendon Barry come in and brought a different dimension into the team, mainly because he was from the outside and had a different perspective. We also had different trainers such as Eddie Cunningham and Dave Doyle. Overall I learnt alot from each individual and had great respect for the input they made in my career. As I grew older there was more emphasis on physical training and being fitter amongst the team, you could say this was part of the process in growing older.

If you could relay a game again, which one would you choose?
It would be hard to single out just one game as I was fortunate to be a part of a lot of Tallow victories. However the one that stands out for me personally, is our first Keaneland Cup victory against Lismore, in Lismore. The reason being is that it was my first adult cup victory in front of a big crowd, the whole occasion was like an All Ireland to me. At the time we were an intermediate team and Lismore was senior which made the win even more special for us as a team. Great celebrations were had throughout the week in Tallow, everyone was delighted.

From the Tallow players you played with, who was the fastest?
The fastest would be Seamus ‘Trasher’ Tracey who was like lightning especially at a young age.

The Toughest?
It would be hard to single out the toughest as there were a few but I would have to say John McDonnell for his leadership, determination and bravery.

The Best Footballer?
People I would consider to be very good footballers would be Eric Curley, Tom ‘Bomber’ McCarthy from my young days and Ray 'Pigeon’ O’Brian. Because of all 3, we won quite a few football titles in my time so I was very lucky to play with them.

When the chips were down, who would always turn it on?
In my opinion, it was the Tallow team spirit that brought many victories rather than one individual.

Who would have been the most skillful player?
I came across many skillful players throughout my career who brought different things to the team. Personally I would rate Trasher Tracey, Liam O’Brian, Pigeon, Pat Daly and Connie Curley.

The most underrated player?
I feel in my time there were a few underrated players. I personally believe that they brought a lot to the team but never received the recognition they deserved.

Waterford : Sometimes a score line flatters a team but in fact it should have been four or five points more such was Waterford's control of the game. Our half back line was immense and was the launch pad to most of our attacks. It was our first championship win in three years and for that it will enhance a spirit in this team which will surely grow wi

Tallow GAA Lotto Supported by Kearney's Restaurant.
26/10/2020 Jackpot €14,800 No Winner Numbers:2,9,17,28
Consolation Prizes: Peter Kenneally, Pad Fitzgerald, Kathleen Delaney,
Eamonn Forbes,
Promoter: Mary Buckley,
2/11/2020 Jackpot €14,900 No Winner Numbers:2,8,18,19
Consolation Prizes:Aoife Tobin, Bríd Hallahan, Pat Murphy, Tom Tobin

Promoter : Bubbles
Next Draw 9/11/2020 9pm .Out in the Open Jackpot €15,000

Deise Super Draw :
Is on this Wednesday so could any money that's owed be handed in please.

Club Notes: 28th October 2020

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Notaí CLG Tulach an Iarainn sponsored by Goalpost Ireland Tallow .

Deise Super Draw: It is going ahead on the 4th of November. Could any money owed be handed over to ones promoter over the weekend please. 

The Championship without a Pulse: Watching a few games over the weekend and while both were high scoring it doesn't  mean that they were necessarily good . The empty stadiums have taken some of the soul out of it and atmosphere for the most part did play a big part. They seem like glorified league games but the players can only play what rules and regulations are in front of them. Waterford play Cork this Saturday on Sky Sports Mix  ( yes it sounds like a bag of sweets) or WLR and there is no form guide going into it and people are totally unsure what to expect of us. A win here were be huge to the team.

I was given to a picture and a letter this week that I said I would share. The letter is an invotation for Mick Curley for play for Ireland in London. The competition I'm unsure of (possibly the Tailteann games) played in London I would say sometime in the thirties
The letter went as follows.

M.Curley esq.
GAA Tallow,
Co Waterford. 

A Chara,

             As you are aware , you have been picked to play with the Irish team in London. You are to travel to London on Saturday morning next. 
I enclose two tickets: one for Tallow on Saturday morning and one from Waterford to London. You can travel on the Dunlaoghaire boat on Saturday evening, the train may go on to Dunlaoghaire. Anyone at the Kingsbridge station will tell you what train to get for the boat, if your train does not got to Dun Laoghaire.
The remainder of the players will be on the boat and you will be accompanied by an official. Please bring two hurleys along with you. You may return on Monday evening as you desire.

Mise, le meas,
P O'Coaig.

Waterford Team Picture is from 1937 and was taken in Cappoquin in April . Given that he was April it must have be the National League and the opposition was Clare. We had three men playing that day. 
Back Row (l to r) Dave Doyle, Paddy Duggan, Christy Moylan, Charlie Ware, Jackie Haplin, Willie Barron, Doyle Walsh, Johnnie Fanning, Tom Greaney, Nicholas Kelly (suit).
 Front Row (l to r) Pa Sheehan, Mick Curley, Jimmy Mountain, Dec Goode, John Keane, Mick Hickey.
I don't know the identity of the young boy. 

Online lotto: We are hoping all going well that we will get it going this weekend. 

Keep on Running: Georgina Cunningham our medical officer did a virtual marathon at the weekend and we would like to commend her on her great undertaking. 

Club Notes: 22nd October 2020

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Notaí CLG Tulach an Iarainn sponsored by Goalpost Ireland Tallow

Tallow GAA Lotto Supported by Kearney's Restaurant.
19/10/2020 Jackpot €14,700 No Winner Numbers:7,10,11,27
Consolation Prizes: John Doyle. Michael McGrath, Sarah O'Mahoney, Liz Barry
Promoter: Martin Sheehan
Next Draw : 27/10/2020 Clubhouse 9pm Jackpot : €14,800.

Deise Super Draw: The next draw is on the 4th November.

Comhbhrón: CLG Tulach an Iarainn would like to pass on our condolences to the Feeney family and relatives on the passing of Tommy . Tommy is grandfather to Robbie, Ian and Shane who all played for the club this year. Go dtuga Dia greim air i log a láimhe.

Tallow GAA Replica Jersey: So a few months back a conversation came up about jerseys and someone mentioned the 84/85 one. We looked into it and got a design. Size's range from 7/8 up to XXXL. People have a week and a half to order it. It can be paided ino this account IE70AIBK93418614082933. Jersey's cost €37 . When transferring money state your name and Jersey. You size can be added to Tallow GAA Facebook account or the Tallow GAA what's app. Closing time is the 28th of October. 

Return of the intercounty: There was a very hesitant view point that should intercounty continue and with cases on the rise and a lockdown on the horizon it did not look too great for the remainder of year. I have to say by watching the games over the weekend that protocol was adhered to very well and the games went off well with the expectation of Leitrim who did not fulfill their fixture due to lack of players after a close contact case of covid. The GAA have a rapid response Covid test available which each county panel has access to. Wexford had both panels checked last week. TG4 ,RTE ,GAAGO and Sky Sports mix all have games on next weekend. To me it would be great joy to see games over the winter with little light and very little social interaction it would bring some joy to a lot of peoples lives and the players deserve a debt of gratitude for providing us with entertainment during a pandemic.

Club Notes: 12th October 2020

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Picture Intermediate Win 76 Included Ray O'Brien, Dave Doyle, Pa Sheehan and Kieran Ryan.

Notaí CLG Tulach an Iarainn sponsored by Goalpost Ireland Tallow

CLG Tulach an Iarainn would like to pass on our condolences to the Pratt family on the passing on Richie. Richie was on the field committee in 1963 when we purchased our field where were are currently situated.

Deise Super Draw : It is on this Wednesday and can be viewed on The Waterford GAA Facebook page. Any money owed can be handed in this week please. It will be broadcast at 6pm from outside Fraher Field.

The Playing Field: With all playing activity finished or stopped with Covid 19 I had a few articles from the last lockdown . One such one was from Noelie Sheehan from his playing days. He decided to focus on football and from such insight here is what Noelie had to say.

At the AGM in 1980 " Noelie yousir would you look after the auld football and pick your own selectors".
In a hurling club like Tallow that means we can now concentrate on the real workings of the club ( Hurling), whether three or five selectors who are the selectors going to be, hurleys, sliothars and nights for training etc..

Tallow won four minor football titles 1967, 68, 69. lost out of Ballinacourty in the west in 1970 and won again in 71. So football was there. So the junior with the bones of the above panels was won in 1975 against Killmollorans. The following year intermediate football 1976 against Gaultier. Senior then.

Ballinacourty were beaten in the quarter final 1980. They were champions of two years so probably on the run of 11 or 12 matches unbeaten until Liam Moroney popped up to send them packing. Liam did the same in the senior hurling final against Dunhill scoring the vital goal as well. Dual allstar no doubt.

So I based my selection on fellas I played with from that era, very difficult I may add.

In goals I have a choice of Brendan Hartigan, Don Henley, Bernard Pratt( The Bear) , Dinny Cunningham, Kevin Tobin, Michael Masterson who played in goals for Longford seniors and Timmy Sheehan.

Timmy in goals. He played senior and was fantastic against all teams.

My full back line is Milo Aherne , ciotog and out and out footballers. Long clearance, saucy.
Full back Liam O'Brien (Fada) never beaten, powerful and no prisioners taken.
The other corner Tom McSweeney( Kiely) fast off the mark, always first to the ball, Ned Powers mantra if your second to the ball your last, saucy. Kiely captained Waterford U21 footballers a tenacious tackler.

Half Back Line: Pat Daly another teak tough devil. Strong and saucy.
Billy Sheehan centre back, captained Tallows first major u16 football county against Mount Sion in 1966. This started the ball rolling. Against Tramore in U21 county final. Billy scored immense frees to help Tallow win. Tramore had won the senior the week before eight or nine U21's.
Tom McCarthy ( The Bomber) OMG. What a footballer. Strong, tough, athletic , ran for NACAI winning numerous county medals at distances. Was a county minor at fifteen, sixteen, seventeen and then he fell in with bad company Chuck, Jimmy Cronin and JAP( the Convent street gang) .

Centre Field Kieran Ryan( Ferrari engine) . Tough, had it all.
Ray O'Brien ( Pigeon) sheer class. A rogue in a nice way. Speed. Both were midfield against Ballinacourty in 1980 , say no more.

Half Forward line : Eric Curley: The Johnny Giles of Tallow. Silken skills, what a football brain. Would send a pass to you on a six pence. His goal to equalise the minor football when he linked with bomber and time up absolute gem. The replay in Lismore Eric captained the team in 1971 led the team through the wicket gate on the town end. With him was Noelie who captained Tallow to win the minor hurling against Ferrybank. Brother Cantwell principal of CBS Lismore had taught both Eric and Noel." Who is going to win today he asked. Noel said we are from Tallow.
Centre forward Matt Harper. Came from Wexford, What an addition. Tough, no nonsense, beautiful solo and shimmy.
The Doyler, Tommien. Class, strong, tough, intelligent and would die for you. Some free taker.

Full Forward line . corner forward Mickey Curley, what speed , skill . Free taking to win intermediate in 76 . Class.
Full forward John Hartigan. Roguesh eye . What talent. Speed . Class.
Corner Mutty Curley. Skill, great side step, saw him run rings around Mick Bohane St. Finbarrs Cork minor team in Dungarvan in 1968. They got the fright of their lives. Cork went on to win the All Ireland . Mick Bohane lost his place . Tallow contributed to Waterford minor footballers in
67/68 big time. Three years later Waterford lost the U21 Munster football final in Fermoy to Cork ,same again Cork were lucky.

How did I not pick Mick Beecher strong and brillant, John Fitzgerald (Claudie) couldn't be stopped. Con Ryan, strong and courageous , Trasher who won the match against Clashmore in 1976. Mikey Hartigan who was the man to send on , a tough oppenent, who was dishing it out, some battle then. teak tough and saucy, the Norris's Tom , Paddy and John? . You won't like to try and mark any of these boys. They would just trample you. Liam Moroney, Johnny and Michael Geary, exceptional tough players and good footballers.

Six families at the time who had three or more players .
In goal Brendan Haritgan
Con Ryan, Frankie Ryan, John Norris Neddie Curley corner backs
Full Backs Tommy Norris and Noel Sheehan.
Half backs Timmy Sheehan, johnny Geary, Aidan Ryan and Michael Geary.
Centre Backs Billy Sheehan and Paddy Norris
Centre Feild Kieran Ryan and Connie Curley
Half Forward Mutty Curley, bills Curley, Mikey Curley and Paul Curley
Centre Forward Mark Geary and Philly Curley
Corner Forward Mikey Haritigan , Pat Sheehan, Johnny Curley and Dave Sheehan.
Full Forward Seanie Sheehan and John Haritgan.
Connie scored six points in an U21 county final to win it.
Johnny scored a goal against Ferrybank in a minor football final in 1967.
Tommy Norris full back on U16 first county final win against Mount Sion.
Some amount of medals in the above group. I won't like to pick that team.

The families are Curleys, Gearys, Hartigans,Norris, Ryans and Sheehans. Between those 27 players. did i leave out Henleys..Don.Great football goalie...Pat.Billy.Connie and John . ....Also Tallow played in 3 senior semi football finals...1980..Ballincourty..1983..1984....not too sure of years above.Ballinameela was one...they met Ferrybank in final..other..semi final...???..We finished in 1986..I think.when drawn against first round and never fielded, never heard off. I was in Glanworth at this stage...

Run For Ryan: Ryan Hurley is a twelve year old boy from Tallow. He has suffered hardship all his young life and faces health issues daily.Ryan has been in Crumlin hospital for the past 15 weeks and underwent a major spinal operation on the 1st October. His two brothers Alan and Cian who both play underage for the club and his parents Seán and Teresa need your help. The family are under financial pressure as one parent has to be at Ryan's side at all times. A donation page is set up on and run4ryan. I have it included on the Tallow Facebook page for all of those willing to help . With level three guidelines in place an unofficial walk is taking place over the weekend. This is not organised and can be done at any time. A goal of 245km kilometers is the distance between Tallow and and Crumlin so it is hoped to walk that distance in our local area. It's all up on Facebook for any enquires .

Tallow GAA Lotto Supported by Kearney's Restaurant.
12/10/2020 Jackpot €14,600 No Winner Numbers:3,5,24,28
Consolation Prizes: Martin McCarthy, Alan Buckley, Liz Barry , Kate Sheehan
Promoter: Kay Toomey
Next Draw : 19/10/2020 Clubhouse 9pm Jackpot : €14,700

Club Notes: 5th October 2020

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Notaí Tulach an Iarainn sponsored by Goalpost Ireland.

Championship Matters: While our involvement in championship ended last week one could not be but pleased with the structure of championship this year. It came about by chance ( dare I speak of the dreaded covid) but it gave players a chance to play with their clubs and not have intercounty players dragged back to their clubs having played no games before championship. So why not retain it? Although the two percent of players playing at the elite level the remainder have being  cast aside for far too long and had no certainty of when they would be playing and the time span of such games. It was always  just throw them on fast after the intercounty finishes and hope the championship ends before the Munster club starts. The senior inter county train had run out of control and had taken up too much expenses and time for players. Croke Park paid no attention to it but with county boards needing bail outs at various times they surely can see that it needs to be reigned in. The message surely is don't let the running of this years championship be a once off but retain it for players. Save them training in the muck and rain of winter and let them flourish in the summer when they always were supposed to play . 

Deise Super Draw: Is on Wednesday the 14th of October. Could any money owed be handed in this week please.

Tallow GAA Lotto Supported by Kearney's Restaurant.
30/9/2020 Jackpot €14,400 No Winner Numbers:22,23,25,27
Consolation Prizes: Jenny Lyons, Taylor O'Donnell, James Power, Brendan Hartigan 
Promoter: Pat Murphy 
5/10/2020 Clubhouse 9pm Jackpot : €14,500 Numbers13,15,16,22
Consolation Prizes: Peter Kenneally, Dinny Cunningham, John Paul Delaney, Jimmy Cronin
Promoter: Gerry Crowley
Next Draw 12/10/2020 Clubhouse 9pm.

Club Notes: 22nd September 2020

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Notaí CLG Tulach an Iarainn sponsored by Goalpost Ireland

Tallow GAA Lotto Sponsored by Kearney Catering. 
21/9/2020 Jackpot €14,400 No Winner Numbers 1,6, 15,28.
Consolation Prizes :Billy Buckley, Michael Walsh, Kay Murray, Bunty O'Sullivan. 
Promoter :Fiona Crowley. 
Next draw 28/9/20. Jackpot €14,400.

Junior Football : Tallow 1-14 Ballyduff 1-13.
The sultriness of the day one won't have been disillusioned in thinking that the game was played in the Mediterranean rather than in the Cappoquin venue. While I and the elder statesmen of our club where struggling to adapt to the humid conditions of the day it is a credit to both set of players that they played in such warmth. The day started brightly and with Paul O'Brien fouled in the corner , Ryan pointed our first score of the day from a free after less than a minute. Ballyduff answered in kind a minute later with a point of their own. Kieran Geary did another slicer kick that guided between the left hand post for us to regain the lead after four minutes. A long delivery by Jake Beecher found Ryan Grey thirty yards from goals with his back to goal . Nice interplay with Paul O'Brien had Ryan back in possession and he arrowed the ball to the net for a great goal. A period of Ballyduff dominance over the next seven minutes saw our neighbours score four points on the bounce. We were under serve pressure in this period but Kieran Geary yet again stood up when needed. He claimed a great mark from center field and kicked into space to the on rushing evergreen Paul O'Brien . Paul cut inside and curled over a delightful point to end eight barren minutes for the Tallowmen without a score. Ryan Grey was fouled on the fifteen minute and any foul play was punished by our calm free taker. We held a two point advantage at the water break and it was safe to say at this stage there was nothing between the two teams. Any transgressions were punished by Ryan Grey who had his radar clocked on points all day. Any misdemeanors on our big beardy free taker saw him split the posts on nearly all occasions and he kept the scoreboard ticking over with another free just before half time. As the whistle blew we lead 1-6 to 7 points. It was a tough game and the searing sun had to take a lot out of the bodies. What was also noticeable was the tally of yellow cards on both sides. A lot were on the soft verify and would have a big impact in the second half .

The second half started like the first in that Paul O'Brien was fouled and Ryan Grey was unwavering in his free taking and we went a goal ahead inside a minute of the second half. We had a chaotic next ten minutes. Ballyduff were reduced to fourteen men after a second yellow card was dished out. Ryan tried an outside of boot curler which nine times out of ten he would miss but today wasn't a day that that was happening. In the next five minutes Ballyduff got the next two points and their second dismissal. Two extra men for us but we seemed totally at sea in what to do with those bodies and with a Ballyduff man upended for a penalty, they goaled and we found ourselves two points down on the water break. We needed cool heads at this stage but we seemed a little panicked. Paul O'Brien earned a hard won free, Ryan cut the gap to the minimum .and the same man levelled the game for the first time since the twelfth minute with seven minutes remaining. With three minutes to go Ballyduff had extended their lead to two points and the most pessimistic of Tallowmen or Tallowwomen won't have thought we could have scrapped something out of this. Kieran did well to win a free after some great hard work to get it . Our big man put it straight between the posts. A point in it with two minutes to go. The tension was unbearable and it was a long time since I have seen such excitement . We had to score to draw the game . There was some fierce hits going on and Jordan was fouled about 25 metres near the bank touchline. A tough free at the best of times , a very tough free at that time. Grey was undaunted and he managed to curl over a beauty to tie the game with time nearly up. The story wasn't over yet. Ballyduff won a free and thirty five yards from their goal. They played the ball back and a brilliant interception from Robbie Geary saw him gather the ball and head towards goals, his pass to Jordan who seemed to be swarmed but saw him pass to the on rushing Jake Neville and in what was one of the most dramatic endings ever Jake fisted the ball over the bar for the lead point. The whistle blew and we ended up winning .
The beauty of the win was engrained in young and old and they hollered and danced on the line at such a miraculous triumph . No one man can win a game but Tallow in Ryan Grey had a man who's dominance in a game can not be overstated.

Team: Michael Curley, Alan Curley, Robbie Geary, Jake Neville(0-1) Kevin Henley, Jake Beecher, Dean Beecher, Ian Beecher , Kieran Geary(0-1), Darragh Mulcahy, Bob McCarthy, Jordan Henley, Paul O'Brien(0-1), Ryan Grey (1-11, 10f), Shaun O'Sullivan. Subs Darah Buckley for Shaun O'Sullivan, Eoin McGrath for Bob McCarthy, Donnchadh Mulcahy for Alan Curley.
We meet the Shamrocks in the Western football final at 2pm in Fraher Field next .

Cois Bhride: Well done to the Cois Bhríde U15 hurlers who had a great victory in the county final versus Tramore.

Deise Super Draw: Congratulations to Michael Geary the Square on his jackpot win in the Deise Draw. This is the second year in the row that someone supporting The Tallow GAA deise draw has won the top prize. We hope you enjoy it Michael. 

Injury: We will like to wish Robbie Beecher the best of luck as he is getting surgery on his knee this week.

Painting: I'd like to thank the two Tom's, Colin, Stuart, young Liam and all those who helped with painting the railings. It has made a big improvement to the field.

Club Notes: 15th September 2020

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Junior Football : Tallow 2-10 Ballinacourty 1-06

A quick turn around for our junior footballers following on from Saturday's first round game we were in action again last Thursday in the Bushy Park venue. There was a certain form of pressure on the players here as we needed a result. Ballinacourty scored the first score of the game with a pointed free. We responded brilliantly two minutes latter. Good interplay from defence to attack saw a pass into the corner to Donnchadh he soloed in from the left wing to the goals the ball broke and Darragh Mul was the quickest to react and he toe poked the ball into the net. On the ninth minute Ballincourty responded with a mix up in our defence to cancel out our goal with one of their own. Normally in these circumstances heads would drop a little but we responded well. Darragh Mulcahy went of solo run and the ball went to the energetic Kieran Geary and he pointed our first point from open play. Frees added to the next two scores with ten minutes gone with Ballinacourty accounting for one and Kieran Geary putting one over for us. At this stage the advantage rules was applied well by referee . At least three times in the opening half the rule was used and on all occasions our shots went wide and a free was brought back on each occasion. Ryan Grey got in on the scoring with a lovely thirty five yards shot that had us up a point 1-3 to 1-2 at the first water interval. A noted changed on the previous Saturday was how most playing were playing a notch above what they played on the previous Saturday. Jake Neville was having a great game in the corner, while he got out in front on many occasions , the most pleasing aspect of his game was how he tackled for the most part without fouling. We started the second period with Jake Neville dispossessing a forward with tigerish aggression and ball yet again worked up the field and a free awarded. Kieran who was leading the team on possessions and on the scoring ,pointed the free and the man was surely brimming in confidence in the standard of play he showed on the field. Robbie Geary made two meandering runs up the field and on both occasions he was unlucky not the score. Our midfield was controlling things and Ian Beecher and Kieran Geary had a hand on most of the good things we did in the first half. We finished out the half with Darragh Mulcahy scoring a great point when he just blasted over following a Kieran Geary placed ball. We were full justified our three point lead of 1-6 to 1-3.

The second half started in a welter of excitement . Great play by Jake Beecher saw a long ball into Ian Beecher. He played a quick one two with Eoin McGrath and was upended inside the thirteen meter line . A penalty awarded. Kieran stood up to take it but the shot was turned out for a 45 which we missed as well. Wides either side of a Ballinacourty pointed free had us leading 1-6 to 1-4 with five minutes of the second half played. Great work by Donnchadh on the ball and he off loaded to Kieran who shot a great point with the outside of his foot curling the ball from left to right between the posts. Ryan pointed a free two minutes later and we had extended our lead to four points. Our defence was solid throughout the second half and Jake Beecher manned the center half back position vigorously . Ryan scored a wonder point twelve minutes into the second half that I would tie himself and Kieran on our scores of the night. We lost Kieran just before the second water break and his loss was felt such was the standard we was playing. Brian McCarthy introduced in this period scored a great solo point with a busting run .. His size alone on the 25th minutes caused havoc and Eoin McGrath kicked the ball to the net. The night finished in the light of the Bushy park with us victorious 2-10 to 1-6. We collectively were hard working and used the ball well. There is no rest bite now as we play again this Sunday but I'm sure Seán , the two Dinny's and Diarmuid will have the boys primed.

Team: Mikey Curley, Alan Curley, Robbie Geary, Jake Neville, Kevin Henley, Jake Beecher, Dean Beecher , Kieran Geary (0-5,3f), Shaun O'Sullivan, Bob McCarthy, Darragh Mulcahy (1-1), Dave Kingston, Ryan Grey(0-3), Donnchadh Mulcahy. Subs Eoin McGrath for Dave Kingston (1-0), Brian McCarthy(0-1) for Donnchadh Mulcahy Ben Aherne for Kieran Geary. 

Tallow 4-10 Kilgobnet 0-5.
Our third game in nine days brought us to the Cappoquin venue on a shimmering Sunday evening . After our first shot went wide Darragh Mulcahy picked up a loose kick out and fed Kieran who had made ten yards before hand passed to Jordan back in the side at wing forward, Jordan's side foot shot was smothered by the Kilgobet goalie when a goal looked likely. A Kieran Geary defected shot went out for a 45 which a Ryan Grey low trajectory kick sailed about three feet over the bar for the first score of the game.Five minutes passed before Kilgobet pointed a free between three wides for us.Ten minutes had passed since our last score and although we were playing well we needed to add to the scoreboard. A good mark from Dean Beecher saw him boot the ball into Shaun Sullivan who hand passed to the hard working Darragh for a great point. As the first water break approached Kieran Geary played a row ball into one of his business partners Donnchadh Mulcahy, he hand passed to the on rushing Darragh Mulcahy who availed of his maker and cutting across the ball he hit a beautiful slicer arrowing the ball in off the post for a goal. It was a great tonic as they took on their hydration and led 1-2 to 0-1 .Answering a Killgobnet free, Ian Beecher played a good ball into Donnchadh to passed to Jordan who worked a nice point. Five minutes to go in first half and Darragh Mulcahy intercepted a free in the Tallow hand back line . Jake Beecher's positioning all day was very good and his nice foot pass up saw him charging up the field he laid the ball off to Alan Curley who did very well to win it before he gave it to the steadfast Jake Neville who passed to Kieran who went fifteen yards with the ball before he kicked into Ryan who returned to Kieran who pointed for a great team score. Kieran was on a ton of ball and was involved in nearly everything good that Tallow did. Ryan followed it by pointed a nice score about ten yards to the right of the posts.A minute to go in the half and Kieran Geary back in defence launches a forty yard punt in the direction of Donnchadh Mul. Donnchadh gave a slight nudge in the back ( if it's good for Seamus Darby) and the ball went through to Ryan Grey. He got the ball and I'm not sure if you would call it a hand pass but the ball ended up with Donnchadh and he pounded the ball to the roof of the net. A minute later Shaun Sullivan pass was intercepted when goal was on and Kilgobnet got the closing score of half with a close in free which left us leading by seven points at the break 2-5 to 0-4.

After three wides and one ball dropping short going on eight minutes we created a good goal chance when a piercing run from Jordan had him pass the ball across to Paul O'Brien who palmed effort was saved but waved wide.It took ten minutes of play to get the first score of the second half off the boot of Ryan Grey.Jake Beecher blocked a shot with his back when a score looked certain. Alan Curley was dismissed on two yellow cards on the forty third minute of the game. Jordan Henley pointed a nice curling shot from play when it would seem he was disadvantaged from the original ball setting. Ryan pointed a 45 off the post thereafter .Five minutes to go and Ryan Grey pointed a free in which he was fouled himself.He got one from play after been played in by Ian Beecher. Eoin McGrath roofed a ball to the net after good interplay with Kieran. Kieran got in the goal act himself with the last kick of the game as he shot low to the net from five yards.The most pleasing aspect of the game for me was that we scored 2-04 when down to fourteen men. We play Ballyduff in the semi of the west on Sunday next at 2.00pm in Cappoquin.

Team: Mikey Curley, Alan Curley, Robbie Geary, Jake Neville, Kevin Henley, Jake Beecher, Dean Beecher, Kieran Geary (1-1), Ian Beecher, Jordan Henley (0-2) , Bob McCarthy, Darragh Mulcahy (1-1),Shaun O'Sullivan, Ryan Grey(0-6,2 '45,1f), Donnchadh Mulcahy (1-0). Subs Paul O'Brien for Shaun O'Sullivan, Eoin McGrath(1-0) for Donnchadh Mulcahy.

Painting: We hope to finish the painting on Saturday next weather permittingat 9.30am . All help needed.

Deise Draw is on this Wednesday. Could all money owed be handed in please. The draw is being broadcast on Facebook live.

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Club Notes: 7th September 2020

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Painting: Amazing what a few extra bodies can do. We made a lot of progress and with the same effort next week we could be near completion . We are back again this Saturday at 9.30am. Anyone can turn up , so please do so.

Junior Football Championship: Tallow 0-7 Affane 3-07.
We played our first game of the this years championship in Ballysaggert on Saturday evening last. Inside two minutes Ryan Grey opened our account with a lovely 35 yard right footed shot central of the posts. Affane processed to cut down the heart of our defence and score a goal in response four minutes later. Jordan scored a great forty yard point on the left on side of goal in response added to by Kieran with a tidy point just before the first water break. I thought at this point there was some similarities to the Dublin Donegal semi of 2014. We had scored three great long range points and for us to win we would have to score closer to the goal as like Dublin in that game the long rangers won't last ( they didn't ).On the resumption we played an error prone brand of football. Our foot pass and hand pass were over or under cooked a we spurned a goal chance that fell to the bloodied Shaun O'Sullivan. Affane punished our fouling with pointed placed balls to go two points up before Jordan answered with a long mazy run with a big punt kick that wouldn't look out of place in Aussie Rules.
Indiscipline again handed Affane another score just before half time and as referee Thomas Walsh blew his whistle to end the half with Tallow trailing 0-4 to 1-3 playing with a nice breeze.

The second half was a much more heated affair. Five minutes into the second half and Kieran pointed a free. With 80% of the players in the middle third section the exchanges were a lot more physical . There was complaining to the referee but players need to man up to when things get tougher. Affane got to grips with their game plan and isolating their full forward line worked as they worked the ball up through the lines and foot passed inside. Jake Beecher hauled down a man doing through with ten minutes to go and was sent to the line on a second yellow card. The penalty was struck to the net down the middle of the goals. Another goal followed as they cut softly in on the end line to score. We scored two points late one but these were merely putting a small bit of respectability on the scoreboard. At end a nine point defeat was our loss and we will have to be greatly improved to beat Ballinacourty on Thursday next at 8.00pm in Bushy park and Kilgobnet in Cappoquin On Sunday at 5.00pm.

Team Michael Curley, Alan Curley, Robbie Geary, Dean Beecher, Darragh Mulcahy, Jake Beecher, Kevin Henley, Ian Beecher , Kieran Geary (0-2, 1f), Jordan Henley (0-2), Ryan Grey (0-2, 1f), Bob McCarthy, Paul O'Brien , Shaun O'Sullivan, Eoin McGrath.
Subs Donnchadh Mulcahy(0-1) for Shaun O'Sullivan, Jake Neville for Kevin Henley, Shaun O'Sullivan for Eoin McGrath.

Comhbhrón: Tallow GAA would like to pass on our condolences to the Curren family on the passing of Barry, late of Boston and Clashmore. Go mbeannaían an Tiarna dó.

Deise Super Draw : Is on next Wednesday so could any money owed be handed in over the weekend please. 

Well done to Brideview on their league win.

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