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Club Notes: 10th January 2021

posted Jan 11, 2021, 6:14 PM by Mark Baldwin
Notaí CLG Tulach an Iarainn sponsored by Goalpost Ireland Tallow

Lighting in the Car park: We would like to thank Eoin Condon and those at Econ Solar Solutions for installing solar lights in our car park. This will add great visibility to car park and give people a source of light in the dark nights when using our fields or facilities .

Vandalism: I'm like a broken record at this stage but yet again some of the youth in the town have reeked havoc in our playing facilities. Broken bottles have been left on the grounds and shards of glass lay around the astro turf and dug outs. These are a major health hazard to anyone but especially to small kids you play there. The grounds were locked so they seemed to go out of their way to enter the grounds and this is the second week in a row of it happening.

A call could go a long way: I say a clip of David Brady the former Mayo midfielder where he said that he was telephoned and asked to speak to the father of a big Mayo fan. It spiralled into him ringing lots of alone people during lockdown and he said it was one of the most rewarding things he ever did. So we have no meetings, games or gatherings so why not call someone you haven't meet in ages or call to the window , you'd never know what good it would do for someone's mental health.