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Club Notes: 16th March 2020

posted Mar 17, 2020, 6:35 AM by Mark Baldwin
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Mairead Sheehan: Sadness struck Tallow GAA circles on Monday night last when we discovered the ultimately death of our treasurer Mairead Sheehan. The one word that I would associate with Mairéad is longevity. She acted as treasurer of the club from the mid nineties on. When the financial side of club became more like a business Maireáds vigilance and astute bookkeeping always had our accounts in order. Her loyalty to Tallow could never be questioned and even in ill health she continued to act as one of the front bench of the club. She was part of the lotto committee and was a Monday night regular for years. Her GAA heritage was always ingrained in her blood and she carried an All Ireland hurling medal as a brooch as a symbol of pride. To the Sheehan family we wish to extend our sympathy on the passing of Maireád . Beannacht Dé lena anam uasal.

Here is the eulogy from her funeral mass as read by Jimmy O'Gorman.

A dark cloud descended over Tallow and the surrounding area on Tuesday morning last when the news broke that one of it's most highly respected residents Mairead Sheehan had unexpectantly passed to her eternal reward. We all know that we are saying our final goodbye to a devoted family person, a great friend and neighbour and an outstanding servant to the community.

Mairead was born in Convent Street in 1947 into a family of eight to Billy & Eily Sheehan, her brothers Sean, David, Billy, Noel, Pat and Tim and her younger sister Bernadette. Unfortunately the passing of her eldest brother Sean, younger sister Bernadette and dear friend and sister in law Nell affected her deeply. She always spoke of them with fond memories, no doubt they are now once again reunited.

Throughout her lifetime, Mairead remained what she always was, a Tallow person through and through, a woman so very proud of where she came from, a woman who in a whole variety of ways, did everything she could do to further and promote her home place. Never was that more manifested than through her involvement with the GAA club, which stretches over a number of decades and which has now only ended through that final call from the man above.

Almost from her infant years, the spark of genius that would subsequently manifest itself in both work and sport was there for all to see.
On finishing her education at national and secondary level, Mairead took up employment in Dublin, firstly working in Arnotts before joining the civil service. Of the many projects she was involved in, in this sphere, Glenveigh National Park in Donegal was her pride and joy and also the developments of Kilkenny and Cahir Castles and their surrounds to name but two.

During those years in Dublin, Mairead was a proud member of the Waterford Association and was the first secretary of that branch. Many locals who ventured to Dublin during that period for matches in Croke Park, when money was not as flahul as today, were glad to have a roof over their heads in Mairead's flat for the night before and after the games. It wasn't unusual to have 20 people sleeping on the floor as first back from the pub got the couches but were damn glad of the cover for the night!!

Her nephew Conor is presently secretary of the Waterford Association in Dublin and so continues the family link.

Whilst in Dublin, Mairead was also a playing member of Terenure Tennis Club and on the social side of things, the table tennis club. Her other hobbies included Camoige, which she played in her younger days and Mairead also loved swimming and quizzes. There was hardly a weekend went by during the working year when Mairead would return home on a Friday evening to return to Dublin late Sunday evening, the car invariably full with locals returning to the capital when transport was at a minimum.

It's almost 30 years ago as Mairead's mam got on in years, she decided to return home. She transferred from Dublin to the CSO Office in Cork and around that time, took up officer ship in Tallow GAA. Mairead was an outstanding treasurer and would literally mind mice at the crossroad where money was concerned, she was extremely prudent and realised how difficult it was to finance the many activities of the year. We have a Sean Ochal which goes: Ní Bheidh a leitheid an aris, which is certainly true to Mairead as treasurer of Tallow GAA Club.

Being a true community person, Mairead's activities weren't just confined to GAA. She was a tireless worker on behalf of many, a staunch worker with St Vincent de Paul, her work carried out with the greatest privacy and dignity, loved the community centre and all it entailed, drama and pantomime and never missed the Ballyduff Drama Festival, which is currently running and no doubt Mairead would have been present at all this week's performances. Mairead was also treasurer of the local Credit Union for many years and involved in the local active retired ladies Social Group.

One of Mairead's most treasured possessions was her father's Waterford Junior Hurling All Ireland winning medal of 1934. A special medal was commissioned that year being the 50th anniversary of the founding of the GAA and boy did she wear that medal with pride all her life.

In every parish there is no doubt a person like Mairead Sheehan who contributes to an active and vibrant community, always positive in her approach to the many facets of her busy life.

The people of Tallow will be all the poorer for Mairead's passing but the richer for having known her and worked alongside her in the community.

I conclude this tribute with a heavy heart having known the Sheehan family for over 6 decades and spent many a happy hours company of Mairead's late father Bill and Uncle Pa at several club games analysing the standards and listening to the stories of some of the characters playing our treasured games on the banks in Lismore, Cappoquin and Fraher Field. Stories and memories I will treasure for years to come.

The Sheehan family would like to sincerely thank all those who attended and sympathised with them during recent days especially those who travelled long distances to do so in support of Mairead.

So Mairead, you have prepared your final treasurer's report and you did so. as you always did, in a professional and dignified manner. You leave behind a legacy that all of us would be proud of, a legacy that will stand the test of time. May the rich soil of the town you loved so well rest gently on you. Slan leat ma soar chara agus go niri an bothar leat. Ar dheis de go raibh a anam deilis…...

Tallow GAA wish to sincerely thank Jimmy O'Gorman for the lovely words above and for encapsulating in his words the sentiments of everyone from Tallow GAA who worked alongside Mairead.

Pandemic : The Corona Virus has struck a fear into the country and an air of uncertainty have developed in the landscape .
The GAA are imposing a blanket ban on all GAA activity .This means no games, trainings,meetings , collective gym sessions.until at least March 29th. Tallow GAA will be adhering with this and no activity will take place from now until the blanket ban is lifted.

An té nach bhfuil láidir, ní foláir dó bheith glic.

We also got this from Alan Milton from the GAA .

A chairde, 

Can you ensure the note below is circulated to all of your County Team Managers and players and passed on to Club Secretaries to be shared with their Club Managers and players too. 

Le meas, 


A chara, 

The GAA's Medical, Scientific and Welfare Committee, the Gaelic Player's Association and the Gaelic Athletic Medical Association (the representative body for Team Doctors) wish to stress the crucial importance of all players and team personnel adhering strictly to HSE guidelines in relation to social distancing and other aspects of the current Covid 19 pandemic. 

In practical terms, this means the following: 
  •  Players should not congregate, even in small numbers, for training sessions. 
  • Indoor shared Gym facilities are to be avoided, as such environments pose considerable limitations on a users ability to adhere to both 'Social Distancing' and contact transmission guidelines advised by the HSE. 
Team managers, backroom personnel and players at all levels have not only a duty of care to each other but also to the wider community around them at this time.

It is expected therefore that County and Club teams across the country will adhere to both the letter and spirit of what has been asked of them at this challenging time. 

Le meas, 

Dick Clerkin (Chairman, GAA Medical Sceintific and Welfare Committee)
Paul Flynn (CEO, Gaelic Player's Association)
Dr Sean Moffatt (Chairman, G.A.M.A)

Tallow GAA Lotto Supported by Kearney's Restaurant.

As pubs in Tallow have decided to close their doors at the weekend Tallow GAA have decided to postpone this weeks lotto. All existing books of tickets will stay with our sellers and we will carry out the draw at the next available date.
We would like to thank you all for your continued support and hope you understand our decision.

I was going to write a piece about fixtures and leadership from the GAA following on from last Thursday's announcement but truth be told it matters little when one looks at the big picture. I hope citizens looks out for each other in the correct medical advised manner and that we as a nation can surmount the big challenge that lies ahead. Be kind, be practical and be safe and we hopefully with the help of God can pull through this.
Robert Zimmerman wrote

'Twas in another lifetime, one of toil and blood
When blackness was a virtue the road was full of mud
I came in from the wilderness, a creature void of form
Come in, she said
I'll give ya shelter from the storm.

Let's hope that the shelter arrives.