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Club Notes: 1st June 2020

posted Jun 4, 2020, 5:19 PM by Mark Baldwin   [ updated Jun 4, 2020, 5:22 PM ]
An Geansaí:
"So the blue and gold and the colours we behold and fair are the hurlers of Tallow ". As the line goes the blue and the gold of
Tallow. These are our colours , they are what we associate ourselves with but I wanted to check out our

jersey styles through our existence. When one looks at team colours counties seem to prioritise their primary colours that we associate them with in the thirties. The first recorded picture I have is of a Tallow team in 1927 .
The colour scheme here looks red and white jersey which I thought were borrowed from Tourin.
Obviously there is no colour pictures from around the time so I decided to get someone to colourise the team. What came back was actually blue and with either a yellow or white stripes.
Our predominate colours are blue and gold and these had a yellow sash which a lot of clubs had at the time sown on to blue jersey. There is football team from 1929 and the county championship hurling team of 36 who wore these jersey's

A lot of the time the stitching might not have been great and sash's could be sown on at different sides as shown in the 1930 team. 
There is also from what looks like from the youthful faces a minor team from the early thirties. They look to have a V shaped in the style of Kilgobnet on their jersey. This is the only time that I have seen a picture of a Tallow team in such a style.
We wore the sash throughout the thirties and forties and the last picture I have is of a minor team from 1956. 
The sash at this stage was getting tattered and I have it that in the early sixties that we changed to our now standard hooped blue and gold jersey which was wore by a Tallow team in 1965 in the Tallow field.

In 1969 the U16 team wore a white set of jerseys similar to Waterford. These were worn for about three years. I think they might have been borrowed from Lismore CBS. 

We went back to hooped jersey again and a colour clash with Portlaw in the 1976 Senior final resulted in us donning an all blue jersey with yellow trim. We also wore them for the county intermediate football final of 1976.
We went to the hooped jersey for the replay.
We retained the hoop jersey until the centenary county final of 1984. We had a colour clash again with Portlaw in the centenary final. We wore an all blue kit with Tulach an Iarainn embellished on it. These were worn for the next six years or so. 
We stuck with our original blue and gold hooped jersey for here on in except on these occasions. 
The 1997 minor hurling team played in that years county hurling final . They wore an new sash jersey on the occasion.
The seniors wore the same jersey once when facing Portlaw in the quarter final of 2001. In 2002 we twice wore the new Cois Bhride jersey. The first time was in a league game against Fourmilewater and the second time was against a Tipperary selection in Boston. In 2003 the junior footballers reached the western final . Audrey Sheehan kindly donated a blue jersey set to the players which were worn on that occasion only.

About four years ago we played Mount Sion in a league game in Tallow. On the occasion both had brought an away strip of white. Tallow wore bibs over their jerseys for the occasion.