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Club Notes: 25th May 2020

posted May 26, 2020, 5:44 PM by Mark Baldwin   [ updated May 26, 2020, 5:45 PM ]
Notaí CLG Tulach an Iarainn sponsored by Goalpost Ireland.

This week I asked Mick Mangan our former trainer between 2011 and 2012 a few questions.

PRO: So Mick how did you end up training Tallow?
MM: A phone call from Denis Tobin in 2011 asking me to train Tallow.

PRO: Had you any prior knowledge of the Tallow club?
MM:I knew very little about Tallow and took on the challenge.

PRO: Had you a good working relationship with your fellow selectors and the club chairman?
MM: I had a great relationship with Denis Tobin and Liam Mul.

PRO: What attributes do you look for in a player?
MM: A good player has skill ,leadership and work rate.

PRO: Why do you love the game of hurling?
MM:Since I was five years of age I was involved in hurling. Best game in the world.

PRO : What were your favourite moments of 2011?
MM: .My favourite moment 2011 was beating Lismore who were hot favourites having hammered Tallow the year before.

PRO: Anything you would have done differently?
MM: It was tough going and with a tight panel it was hard to do anything different.

PRO: What was the turning point of the year?
MM: The turning point was beating Lismore. It gave us belief to drive on. When things were not going well,I got all the players into the dressing room and said the door swings both ways. Ye are with us or against us. County final was on October 16th and we would aim for that. When I came out of the dressing room Liam Mul said if you get them to a County final you are some man.

PRO: I remember we trained the day after the semi final win. To say there was a high there would be an understatement..
MM: Winning the semi final brought huge joy and passion to the parish. The feeling was unreal.Training the next day brought the lads closer.

PRO: It was a massive occasion to get to the county final in 2011?
MM: I was delighted to get to the county final but would have been more happy if we had won.

PRO: What happened between yourself and Cunny before the final?
MM: I had a few words with the ref,Cunny wasn't happy and I let him know I wasn't putting up with any sh*t.

PRO: You had great time for Tom Feeney...
MM: I had good time for all the players. I had words with Tom Feeney to hang in there but he didn't.

PRO: The introduction of Tommy Daly in the semi final..
MM: At the semi final I called Tom Daly , he thought I was calling somebody behind him. I had a few choice words telling him no. 4 was on his hands and knees and to clean him out. Tom was like Tallow's Christy Ring.

PRO: How did yee not include Shane Finn McCarthy in yer five subs used in the final?
MM: Shane Finn didn't come on in the final as he was injured in training.

PRO : Things didn't go so well in 2012 in comparison..
MM: 2012 was very disappointing after getting to the County final the year before.

PRO: I would say that Tallow would always have a grá for you getting us to the 11 final?
MM: I got on very well with the people of Tallow and I am still in contact with a lot of them. They are a great bunch.

PRO: Best bet of advice you would give a new coach starting out?
MM: The best bit of advice I would give a coach is to be honest and straight talking.

PRO: Who was that Quack Law you had with you on occasion?
MM: Ian Law is the chiropractor that was with me. He has treated lots of hurlers including some from Tallow.

PRO: You have trained a lot of teams in different counties. What traits do you instil in your teams?
MM: I try to install belief, honesty, work rate and leadership in any team I coach.

PRO: How do you think hurling is progressing and do you evolve with the changes?
MM: Like everything else hurling is moving with the times and I try to move as much as I can with it.

PRO: What ever happened to the boys you brought down in 2012?
MM: The fellow against Carrig was Ger. I had him on a college team that won All Ireland. Labhras played Harty,played senior with the Glen and is family friend. I asked them to join as I needed to strengthen the panel but the obstacles that were put in my way were unreal by people in the club but Denis Tobin and Liam Mulcahy were a big help in getting them through. The fellow that played midfield was Cal O'Leary ,good hurler,friend of the two lads. When he saw what was happening with the transfers he said he couldn't understand how Tallow people could love the County board more than they loved Tallow. He just walked away. Most clubs that win Counties have outsiders,which is a fact and I felt Tallow needed that.

PRO: Would you have had a few altercations with referees down the years?
MM: I have respect for referees as I did a bit myself.

PRO : Would you play a sweeper ?
MM: I would play a sweeper only if I thought it was necessary.

PRO: Your favourite players you've trained?
MM: I have trained a lot of college teams and club teams. A lot of them are great friends today. But Teddy McCarthy Cork,Pat O' Neill Kilkenny,James Murray Waterford were three great leaders.

PRO: Do you shout for Cork or Clare?
MM: I support both Cork and Clare,if they are against each other I support Clare.

PRO: What was the best excuse you got for a player for missing training or a game?
MM: I have herd a lot of excuses , gone mountain climbing was one of the strangest. A selector said it was a new one.

PRO: Who do you admire in the game at present and if you could coach any team who would you like to?
MM: I admire Kilkenny as they play only hurling and would like to coach any Kilkenny club.

PRO: Would you attend any of the ex teams you trained games over the years?
MM: I keep in touch with all the teams I have coached and often go back to watch matches.

PRO: Do you still learn new things about the game and you can coach players in ?
MM: One thing about hurling you learn every time you go out.

PRO: Thanks Mick.
MM: All the best to Tallow in the future and I will keep watching your progress.

Tallow GAA will like to pass on our condolences to the family of Tom Rooney on his recent passing.