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Club Notes: 2nd November 2020

posted Nov 4, 2020, 4:48 PM by Mark Baldwin   [ updated Nov 4, 2020, 4:52 PM ]
Notaí CLG Tulach an Iarainn sponsored by Goalpost Ireland Tallow.

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Kieran Ryan:

Kieran burst onto the scene as a seventeen year old in 1974 playing in a U21 All Ireland Hurling Final and won a Intermediate hurling title for Tallow. he formed a great partnership with John McDonnell in midfield for many a campaign. He played in the two massacres that were the Munster Finals or 82 and 83 but surely his proudest moment was captaining Tallow in the centenary final of 1984. Work took him to England in the late eighties were he currently resides. I did an interview with Kieran Ryan a few months back and here is a sample of it.

Would you remember the first Tallow game you played at adult level and the last one you played?
Yes I can vaguely remember my first adult game, it was a junior hurling game. I can't remember the opposition. But it was a big occasion to be playing in a tallow senior jersey. That year Pat Daly and myself were promoted and I believe we were playing at 16 years of age. The junior championship was a tough grade to be in at that time but we were fortunate that we had good people around us like John Mcdonnald, Billy Henley, John Henley, Tom Mulcahy and Rodger Ryan. My last game for Tallow was unique, in the sense that I had come back from London at my own expense and had been determined to play one more game for tallow. I played against Port law in Dungarvan. I thought I was able to still handle the intensity of it but I'm afraid I was well short of match fitness, which I was very disappointed in myself.

How was Tallow training different from the beginning to the end of your career?
At the beginning of my career all my training was done through Ned Power, who taught us all the basic skills and drilled the Tallow spirit into us. Later we had a guy called Brendon Barry come in and brought a different dimension into the team, mainly because he was from the outside and had a different perspective. We also had different trainers such as Eddie Cunningham and Dave Doyle. Overall I learnt alot from each individual and had great respect for the input they made in my career. As I grew older there was more emphasis on physical training and being fitter amongst the team, you could say this was part of the process in growing older.

If you could relay a game again, which one would you choose?
It would be hard to single out just one game as I was fortunate to be a part of a lot of Tallow victories. However the one that stands out for me personally, is our first Keaneland Cup victory against Lismore, in Lismore. The reason being is that it was my first adult cup victory in front of a big crowd, the whole occasion was like an All Ireland to me. At the time we were an intermediate team and Lismore was senior which made the win even more special for us as a team. Great celebrations were had throughout the week in Tallow, everyone was delighted.

From the Tallow players you played with, who was the fastest?
The fastest would be Seamus ‘Trasher’ Tracey who was like lightning especially at a young age.

The Toughest?
It would be hard to single out the toughest as there were a few but I would have to say John McDonnell for his leadership, determination and bravery.

The Best Footballer?
People I would consider to be very good footballers would be Eric Curley, Tom ‘Bomber’ McCarthy from my young days and Ray 'Pigeon’ O’Brian. Because of all 3, we won quite a few football titles in my time so I was very lucky to play with them.

When the chips were down, who would always turn it on?
In my opinion, it was the Tallow team spirit that brought many victories rather than one individual.

Who would have been the most skillful player?
I came across many skillful players throughout my career who brought different things to the team. Personally I would rate Trasher Tracey, Liam O’Brian, Pigeon, Pat Daly and Connie Curley.

The most underrated player?
I feel in my time there were a few underrated players. I personally believe that they brought a lot to the team but never received the recognition they deserved.

Waterford : Sometimes a score line flatters a team but in fact it should have been four or five points more such was Waterford's control of the game. Our half back line was immense and was the launch pad to most of our attacks. It was our first championship win in three years and for that it will enhance a spirit in this team which will surely grow wi

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