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Club Notes: 6th April 2020

posted Apr 6, 2020, 6:15 PM by Mark Baldwin   [ updated Apr 6, 2020, 6:22 PM ]
A season like no other, a time like no other , this weeks I posted a few questions to Tallow's co captain for 2020 Bob McCarthy and Robbie Beecher.

PRO: Firstly with the championship originally down to being played at the end of March how do you feel about such any early championship start?

BMC :I was enjoying the short run into championship I actually like the split season gives people a chance to enjoy the summer for travel and work. I do think a definite start for second season would be beneficial in an ordinary year.

RB: I don’t have any issue with the club championship kicking off in March in particular . If anything it’s gives the lads with less pace in the legs a better cut off it this time of year ! It’s just hard to motivate lads for the summer when we don’t know when we could be playing our next competitive game.

PRO:You yourself had a good core fitness level and the Covid-19 put a halt to collective training . Your thoughts on mandatory shutdown?

BMC: An absolute must great response by the gaa in such uncertain times. Which is being adhered to by all levels it seems.

RB: Look it’s obviously far from ideal but given it’s an international emergency what can you do. There's plenty woods and country roads around to keep lads ticking over!

PRO: Do you feel the championship will resume and if it does in what format?

BMC: I don’t think anyone can really answer that accurately. But I do feel we will get a change in format maybe a straight knock out scenario with less repercussions for being knocked out.

RB: It’s impossible to know. I suppose it all comes down to how long more sporting activities will be stalled. One would assume the inter county games will be played first so realistically the club championship will more than likely be in knockout format if it’s even played at all.

PRO:One is to self isolate , have you trained in any capacity since the outbreak?

BMC: Plenty of exercise but not in terms of drills or anything some hurling to keep that aspect going.

RB: I have been doing some running and plenty work at home to keep me busy. Kieran Geary is the man to follow in that regard. He can be seen in action daily sprinting around Tallow and he’s fond of a romantic stroll on many an evening . A real role model!

PRO:How do you think the GAA and the county board should act if it's a prolonged inactivity ?

BMC: A puck fada to win the county championship from the back road Tallow to Lismore. One day competition winner takes it all or maybe a free style competition to win it.

RB: There’s not much they can do really . It’s a waiting game for now and just hope that we can get back to normality as soon as possible

PRO:Your a teacher yourself and with exams uncertainty how would games be played with college and second level exams incomplete?

Dusty : Id imagine all school games will be cancelled. I’d urge the department of education when they read this to put clear guidelines in place for all leaving cycle students as soon as possible and inform student. even as a plan b if this doesn’t lift. Students need certainty regarding of what format takes shape. Sport is not primary focus of schools.

PRO:The Tallow GAA community has people of various age groups. Self isolation for those of an older generation or acute sickness must be a lonely time , would you think there is anything to be done to help those vulnerable?

BMC: Well I do think we need to be sensitive in terms of what we post on line and in groups forums a calm reaction is best. Our older generations are resilient they have seen many situations come and go through the years and maybe it’s best leave the advice to them. I think the community are doing all they can.

RB: Just checking in with them and making sure there ok for everything . It’s great to see local heroes such as Stephen Pratt and Jake Neville keeping the Fire Station and Grocery outlets running smoothly in these difficult times.

1961 Bowling . 
I was given this picture of a bowling competition. The picture was taken in Kilwinny around Mikey Hogan's around 1961.Dan Savage is holding the cup beside Tom "Hocker McCarthy. Others included from what I can make out are Tommy Herlihy, Billie and Noelie Sheehan. John And Liam O'Biren, The two John William McCarthy's, Eugene Barry, James 'Jumbo' O'Brien, John and Tony Lacey, Mary O'Brien, Mag Flynn and Chuck.

Flags for for front line Heroes: Tallow Gaa Club is flying a flag at Páirc Éamon De Paor in support of front line heroes, it would be great if we could have as man y flags flying on the town as possible. Post photos of your flags flying on Tallow Gaa Facebook page and Tallow Gaa will run a draw for a €50 vouchers for Kenirys Centra for everyone who does.