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GAA Notes 16th July 2012

posted Jul 24, 2012, 2:14 PM by Mark Baldwin
Munster Final
Commiserations to our representatives Paul O Brien and Thomas Ryan on the Munster final defeat. We'll return to Thurles on Sunday week with hope and some encouragement.
Five Things we learned from the Weekend
Line of Strength
The performance of our half back line on Sunday was a huge positive for us with Moran and Brick being powerhouses in the air and ground and Tony Browne showing his aggression and class. For the last three or four years Moran has been used almost in a firefighting role wherever there was a need for his strength and skill but his performance on Sunday showed what a platform he can provide to drive a team forward. Patrick Maher, having eaten up most centre backs so far this year, found Brick a different proposition. We're used to seeing excellence from Brick and Sunday was no different.
Strength in Depth
How many teams have three forwards of the calibre of Bourke, Kelly and Callinan on their bench? While Kilkenny's first six forwards are still insanely strong, could you name their next three forwards to bring on? If Tipp do win an All Ireland this year having nine quality forwards to choose from will be a huge factor in that. 
We saw two examples of professional fouls in Sunday's game and at least one other in the Limerick game. Both Brick and Paul Curran weighed up the situation and their decision was easy: pull the opponent down before he reaches the penalty area and concede a relatively harmless 21-yard free. The punishment was minor (Curran didn't even get a card). Ideally the punishment should be a sinbin but with its rugby connotations it's unlikely to be introduced. Maybe an automatic penalty (with three defenders in the goals) if you're the last man back?
In 'A Bronx Tale', Robert de Niro does a great angry turn about the shame and sorrow of seeing 'wasted talent'. Watching Clare and Limerick on Saturday evening, you'd wonder if Kilkenny or Cork had the number of talented players coming through that these two teams have, would there be any doubt about their progress through to fully-fledged intercounty players? Yet there's always a doubt that, in a lesser county, talented players will be asked to do too much too soon and they will burn before they get a chance to mature.

Limerick are a coming team but do they believe in themselves enough to match Kilkenny? It would be a shock on the man-bites-dog scale if Kilkenny are as lacklustre as they were against Galway. Limerick's challenge is whether they can be mentally tuned-in enough to play their own game against the champions.

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